We have made for our own work an interlacer which enables to build the lenticular interlaced MasterFile, where each lens is represented by a flat number of pixels.

After measuring Relative Pitch, the MasterFile is then resized accordingly

to end up with the OutputFile, ready for printing.

Lenticulator requires Photoshop ®, and is made of four distinct parts :

1°/ The first part will produce the high resolution MasterFile digitally interlaced in which each part of the picture representing one lens is composed of a flat number of pixels. This Masterfile will be valid for the determined number of lenses of ANY lenticular sheet . The interlacing does not take care of the particular lenticular sheet that will be used, but only of the account of lenses that will be used on that sheet. The resulting MasterFile is to be saved. The interlacing is resolution-independant, any number of layers, and the files can be Grayscale, RGB, or CMYK.

2°/ The second part is optional - you can skip it

and proceed directly to the third part - and

enables to add optical targets to the Masterfile.

This helps precise positioning of the print if you

adhesive it to a lens and precise monitoring

of the centering of the phase.

3°/ Third part resamples the MasterFIle to the OutputFile. A previously saved MasterFile can at any time be resampled according to a new pitch.This is very convenient if you have to start a print over again simply because you need to slightly adjust the pitch : the interlaced Master remains valid, all you need is to proceed to a new Output resizing after entering the new pitch.

4°/ The fourth part is optional and enables

to add skewing lines on the side of the print,

so as to have an easy registration of the sheet

on to the print and avoid cross-stepping.

The width of the Skewing Lines is adjustable from 1/6th of a lens to one half of a lens.

Lenticulator works RGB, CMYK, and Greyscale, with no size limit and no number of layers limit.

Requirements :

Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher

PowerPC processor with Photoshop CS or CS3

or Intel processor with Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, or CC

Price :

Version 5.4.7, for printers, computer graphics companies                                   400. -  €

- Free-lance artists, professional but working alone

- Amateurs, non-professional                                                                           please ask

Ask for the free Demo version - complete, but time-limited - for your personal evaluation  :       limbricateur@free.fr

Lenticular is a complicated field for beginners. Save months of research and experimenting : ask for our Training sessions ... Please Ask.

Version presently on sale: v.5.4.7 _ 108 updated for Photoshop CC2019


Lenticulator displays TOOLS which are very convenient to adjust the Masterfile and save time :

A  counter Tool which enables to count the number of Layers

A Key-Point adjustment Tool, which enables to advance or pull back the whole layer composition

An Action Repeater Tool

An Anaglyph TOOL to preview the 3D picture in colour or B&W mode

using the red & cyan colour viewing spectacles